NYBA Staff

Michael P. Smith
President & Chief Executive Officer
(212) 297-1699
e-mail: msmith@nyba.com

Roberta B. Kotkin
General Counsel & Chief Operating Officer
(212) 297-1684
e-mail: rkotkin@nyba.com

Karen L. Armstrong
Senior Vice President, Communications & Political Action
(212) 297-1635
e-mail: karmstrong@nyba.com

Clare M. Cusack
Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Deputy General Counsel
(212) 297-1664
e-mail: ccusack@nyba.com

Konstantinos (Gus) Kananis
Vice President, Insurance and Member Services
(518) 434-3556
e-mail: gkananis@nyba.com

Dorothy Hynes
Director, Insurance and Member Services
(212) 297-1682
e-mail: dhynes@nyba.com

Barbara Leboff
Executive Assistant to the President
(212) 297-1688
e-mail: bleboff@nyba.com

Susan Stepner
Administrative Assistant, Government Relations
(212) 297-1665
e-mail: sstepner@nyba.com

Elisa R. Legg
Senior Vice President, Professional Development
(212) 297-1679
e-mail: elegg@nyba.com

Daniel L. Babb
Senior Vice President, Profit Solutions Division
(212) 297-1689
e-mail: dbabb@nyba.com

Drucilla Mahabir
Controller & Vice President of MIS
(212) 297-1661
e-mail: dmahabir@nyba.com

Kerry W. Carney
Director, Meetings & Member Relations
(212) 297-1675
e-mail: kcarney@nyba.com

Duncan J. McCausland
Associate, Marketing & Communications
(212) 297-1632
e-mail: dmccausland@nyba.com

Rose E. Murjani
Coordinator, Professional Development and Meetings
(212) 297-1666
e-mail: rmurjani@nyba.com

Radhika Rampersad
General Office/Information Assistant
(212) 297-1668
e-mail: rrampersad@nyba.com