Legislative Bill Tracking

State Issues
In an effort to capture all of the coronavirus banking related activity specific to New York State over the last three weeks, NYBA has compiled this chart for your reference. We will continue to revise it going forward, and it will be available on our website as updated. 

Federal Issues
The Treasury issued additional guidance for the Paycheck Protection Program, a Small Business Administration-run effort to provide $350 billion in forgivable loans to help small businesses meet payroll expenses during the coronavirus pandemic. 

For additional information on any of the State or Federal issues, please contact:
Michael P. Smith, President, NYBA, at (212) 297-1699
Clare M. Cusack, General Counsel, at (212) 297-1664
Megan Rowan McGovern, Deputy General Counsel & VP, Government Relations, at (212) 297-1669